Trampoline Accessories

Having the right accessories for your trampoline can make maintaining and using it easier, and can protect it from damage and extend its useful life.

Weather Protection Cover

Protects your trampoline from rain, moisture and UV light. Covering your trampoline when it’s not in use will protect parts from damage and keep it in top condition longer. Measure your frame from outer edge to edge to determine the correct size cover to purchase.


Spring Pull Tool

This tool helps you get the spring into the trampoline frame quickly and easily when you’re installing a jumping mat.


Anchor Kit

Metal anchors that secure the trampoline to the ground enhance its stability and ensure that it won’t be displaced by high winds when not in use.


Trampoline Ladder

Use a ladder to get on and off of trampolines that are more than a couple feet off the ground. A ladder is important for the safe use of trampolines that are too high to step off of, since you should never jump from a trampoline to the ground. Ladders should be put away when the trampoline is not in use, to prevent young children from using the trampoline without supervision.


Shoe Bag

Trampolines should be used with bare feet, and a bag that attaches to the side of the frame offers a convenient place to store shoes and socks while jumping. It’s also great for storing jewelry, cell phones, and anything else you take out of your pockets before jumping. Putting shoes and small items in the bag ensures that they won’t get lost or placed under the trampoline.


Jumping Skate

This small mat attaches to both feet with straps to allow two-footed jumps.


Enclosure Sets

If your trampoline didn’t come with an enclosure net, you can purchase one separately to improve the safety and stability of the trampoline. An enclosure set includes both the net and the poles that support it and attach to the trampoline frame. Make sure that your trampoline supports enclosure attachments before purchasing a set.