Mini Greenhouses

Machrus Ogrow Ultra-Deluxe 5 Tier Portable Bloomhouse


Machrus Ogrow Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Hexagonal Flower Planthouse


Machrus Ogrow Ultra-Deluxe 4 Tier Portable Bloomhouse



Bring some life and fun to your backyard with Machrus’ selection of mini greenhouses. Having a small greenhouse gives you a great place to add some greenery to a patio and raise herbs or vegetables for use in your kitchen. The compact design of these mini greenhouses makes them ideal for use when you have limited space or don’t want or need to commit to a larger walk-in structure. However, they still provide the same benefits by creating an environment where smaller plants can thrive while being protected from the elements, insects and small animals looking for a snack. We carry a wide range of mini greenhouses for sale from top manufacturers known for high-quality products.

When you come to us looking for small greenhouses for sale, you’ll find a great selection and more. These are easy to set up, but also strong enough to withstand weather conditions and frequent use. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors and configurations to get the one that meets your needs as closely as possible. We’re dedicated to giving you the absolute best when it comes to enjoying your yard and the outdoors. To learn more about any of the small greenhouses we have to offer, browse through our selection on this page or get in touch with us today.