by Justin Cooper on August 11, 2022

Trampolines are a fun way to get much-needed exercise and have fun for children and adults. However, they’ve evolved from being expensive toys for entertainment to having much wider everyday life applications. Choosing the right type of trampoline can be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. You can choose from various options, as you can pick a large rectangular trampoline or a small one for fitness purposes. Don’t worry if you’re confused; here are the different types of trampolines and their uses.

Machrus Upperbounce Round Trampolines

Round Trampolines
These are the most common type of trampolines you’ll find in a backyard. Great for outdoor use, you’ll find your kids spending a lot of time with this equipment. Round trampolines are made for kids as these will guide you towards the center due to the shape. It minimizes the risk of falling outside. However, pro acrobats and gymnasts don’t use them due to their low bounce quality. They come in different sizes, and their costs increase with size.

Machrus Upperbounce Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines
Rectangular trampolines provide a consistent bounce and have a different pattern compared to the round ones. Gymnasts and pro trampoline users prefer this shape of the equipment as they allow for better bouncing. Furthermore, they also take up less space than the round ones. Therefore, people who have small backyards or limited space in their homes prefer to buy rectangular trampolines. However, refrain from bouncing on the edges as it may cause unwanted accidents.

Machrus Upperbounce Square Trampolines

Square Trampolines
Square trampolines are great for people who have limited to no experience in using trampolines. They somewhat sit in between the rectangular and round trampolines. In certain circumstances, they’re great for training, and in others, they can provide the recreation required after a stressful day or spending quality time with your kids. They are not as costly as rectangular ones and offer a safe and secure experience as you’d expect with a circular trampoline.

Octagonal Trampolines
Another popular trampoline is the octagonal one. They are loved by many due to their sheer size and are perfect for large families where you want many people to bounce together. You’ll normally find such structures in trampolines and amusement parks. Such structures are always used for recreational purposes. Octagonal trampolines are expensive compared to the other types. Therefore, you’ll rarely find them in your neighbor’s backyard.

Fitness Trampolines
These are commonly referred to as mini trampolines and can be used for different purposes. People can use it to practice jumping, while gymnasts actively use fitness trampolines to prepare them for professional events. Being small, they’re portable and convenient and help people to train in small spaces. For people looking to lose weight, mini trampolines are perfect for burning calories when rebounding. It will help build up your stamina and increase your strength and endurance.

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